Fluidity and forward motion: Dirty Beaches' Stateless

Stateless is exactly that. It’s the sound of perpetual motion, but the human kind. It describes a certain nomadic lifestyle, one that renders the individual not homeless but… Stateless rests between borders, floating over the “Pacific Ocean”, or in a specific place in the Mojave Desert, in the quivering air amongst the red land and the blue beyond. Music that’s burst forth from the Mariana Trench, from the belly of Cthulhu, through time and out the other side. The sounds of human history are called upon; the woodwinds of a nondescript nation (Re: Asia XX84?? the British Empire circa. 1300, L.A 1946), the synth swell rising from a staircase onto the street in 80s London, the sweeping white noise of a zephyr or no reception or an untuned TV. It all becomes reminiscent of a very particular place that’s no physical place but a state of mind, a state of being.

It’s about physically being, but not being physical. Stateless could be formless, being a liquid at room temperature, a gas at 48˚C. Within it you lose your state, whatever one you had, and become endless. Stretched out like a worm through time, each segment devoted to a measured slice; 0.001s, 0.01s, 0.1s, and so on up ad infinitum. But really there’s no lower limit either. No matter the size of the slice they’re the same, all containing the low drone of “Displaced”. It’s only when they’re lined up that the entirety is consumable, the slices don’t make sense. But still it’s divisible; into 4 tracks to be precise. Heard in full, Stateless becomes more than itself, not quite transcendent, but at least transferring.

With eyes closed it brings vividly images of flat, reflective water, and you streaking over it looking down. But your vision is framed (or angled) so that you don’t see yourself, but just the steely blue grey of the hard water, and perhaps the brown red of land that’s also out of view. And it’s just that, for the whole 41 minutes. And there’s no destination, no resolution. But you know there is one, it’s just been cut out by ellipses. And there’s definitely forward motion, because there has to be. Stateless is that exactly.

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